Car theft is at its highest in 10 years in England and Wales, and although vehicle security has come on leaps and bounds, unfortunately the car thieves are constantly finding new ways to take your vehicle.  So how do you protect your car from thieves?   

Halfords have some great tips to keep your car safe at home, including: 

1) When you park, turn your wheels into the curb

2) Invest in a steering lock – this visual clue will put off some opportunists

3) Hide your valuables or even better don’t keep them stored in your vehicle at all

4) Consider security window etching

5) Park in a well-lit area and install motion sensor lights

6) Keep your key fob in an anti RFID wallet or faraday pouch


We’d also encourage you to install a Find It Stop It device.  This ensures that if your vehicle is taken, you can track and recover it quicker than the police might. 

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If you have been inspired by Million Pound Motorhomes & are buying a Camper Van then make sure that you get a tracker installed. Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker & engine stop device can be monitored & controlled by a phone app so you know where your motorhome or campervan is at all times