Examiner Live have published the top 10 most stolen motorbike brands as collated by West Yorkshire Police.  Find It Stop It take a closer look. Although quad bikes, scooters, mopeds are also popular targets for thieves, the following makes of motorbikes are stolen more than others: 
Triumph, Sinnis, Piaggio, Kawasaki,  KTM, SYM, Suzuki, Lexmoto and Yamaha are in the top 10.  Honda is top of the list with 245 taken in 2021.  Therefore if you are an owner of one of these brands in West Yorkshire, we would encourage you to contact us about our GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution.  At £59.95 and no subscription, this is the affordable way to keep your motorbike safe.  It can be easily installed by you or your local vehicle technician.  We are also on hand to answer any questions you might have with set up. Contact Us either by telephone: 0330 159 0109 or by email: track@finditstopit.com