Yahoo recently published a list of the UK’s 10 most stolen motorbike models in the past year.  So let’s take a look:
10) 171 Yamaha YZF R125 were taken
9) 190 Honda WW 125 EX2-A were stolen
8) 201 other Honda motorbikes
7) 227 Honda WW 125 EX2-F
6) 235 Honda NSC 110 MPDH
5) 293 Honda NSC 110 E-E
3) In joint 3rd, 306 of the motorbikes reported stolen were Honda NSC 110 E-E and of equal number Honda WW 125 EXH2-H 
2) 450 Honda WW 125-A
1) 512 Yamaha GPD125-A NMAX 125 ABS

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