Scotland is a beautiful country, especially in summer.  It is hardly surprising that tourists are attracted to visiting and one great way to get around is on a motorbike.  Motorcycle touring is big business. We were however, gutted to read this article in The Daily Record, reported theft and damage to a couple’s motorbikes near Edinburgh. 


German couple, Stefanie and her husband, parked their vehicles outside the Edinburgh B&B.  Her bike was taken and her husband’s was damaged.  She described the bike as her freedom and independent time, and now this has been taken away from her.       


We would encourage any motorbike owner to install a GPS tracker.  A Find It Stop It tracker can be monitored by your phone and it will send you alerts of any unauthorised movement.  In the event that it is taken, you will be able to track it via the app, making recovery easier.  There is also the added option of remote engine switch off, if the bike is stationary or travelling at less than 12 mph.  Talk to us today about purchasing and installing a Find It Stop It device.