Admiral.com have a great article explaining the different types of locks you can install on your van for security.  The article looks at 8 different locks including deadlock, slam lock, hook lock, statement lock, lock shields, upgraded/replacement locks, anti-peel kits and specialist locks.   What you have to understand is that additional locks are great as they improve security so pick the best that you can afford and always inform your insurance company on any modifications to your van. 


Insurance company, Admiral also provide the following security advice: fit an alarm (Thatcham approved if possible), use a steering lock, keep tabs on your van keys, park in a public place and remove tools from your van over night.  


We’d also like to add that installing a Find It Stop It GPS auto track and stop solution means that you know where your van is at all times.  Monitor by your phone and it will send you alerts of any unauthorised movement.  In the event that it is taken, you will be able to track it via the app, making recovery easier.  There is also the added option of remote engine switch off, if the van is stationary or travelling at less than 12 mph.  Talk to us today about purchasing and installing a Find It Stop It device.