The BBC report that 5 men appeared in court for allegedly running a £1m vehicle theft ring made up of 21 vehicles (vans and various 4 x 4s).  Two “chop shops” were raided in Armley and Dewsbury and the 5 were charged after this.  The police found many dismantled vehicles which seem to be those taken in recent spate of van and keyless vehicle thefts in Leeds, Dewsbury and Wakefield.  Among the vehicles taken and then found, there were 17 Range Rovers and Land Rovers and 4 Mercedes Sprinter vans.  


Keyless vehicle theft and if you own a Range Rover or Land Rover then please ensure you have a tracker installed.  This will aid recovery a lot quicker than a vehicle that does not have one installed.  A Find It Stop It GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution not only serves as a GPS tracker which will allow you to locate your vehicle if it is taken but also it has the added functionality of remote engine switch off.  If the vehicle is travelling less than 12mph, or is stationary then you can use the engine stop command via the app.  Also at just £59.95 and no ongoing subscription, you know it just makes sense.