According to Ibex Insurance thieves steal 120 cars a day in Spain, the third highest rate in the EU. Make sure you are protected and install a Find It Stop It vehicle tracker.
In 2017, more than 40,000 cars were stolen in Spain, according to the country’s Interior Ministry. You can monitor your vehicle’s whereabouts anywhere using a 4G, 3G or wifi signal via the Find It Stop It app on your phone.
If you live or visit Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga then you might want to fit our vehicle tracker to your scooter, moped or car, as vehicle theft rates are high in these Spanish cities. You will receive an alert for any unauthorised movement on your vehicle and can turn the engine off.
SUVs are on the top of thieves shopping lists when it comes to car crime in Spain, making up a whopping 60% of attempted robberies reported in 2017. Fit a Find It Stop It vehicle track and auto stop device – don’t be a victim of car crime.
Also luxury car owners living or visiting Marbella should be vigilant as the rate of car theft is higher here than other parts of Spain, according to Ibex Insurance. Our vehicle tracker allows you to see where your car is at all times, and even turn the engine off if safe.
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