Did you know that vehicles are stolen to order in Spain? According to JustLanded.com professional car thieves are on the look out for BMWs, Mercedes and four-wheel drives.  They then make their way to the south of Spain, put on a ferry to Africa.

Don’t worry though as Find It Stop It are here to reduce the chances of your vehicle being taken, with our savvy advice and GPS auto track and stop solution.  Firstly, make sure you have adequate insurance against theft.  Then fit your car with the following: an alarm, an engine immobliser or other anti-theft device and some visible deterrent like a steering lock.  Our Find It Stop It device can be considered as part of an anti-theft package.  The tracker will alert you of unauthorised movement so you can stop it before it gets to Africa!  You can then also switch off the engine when it is safe to do so.

At around EUR 70 (£59.95), make the right choice and order a Find It Stop It tracker today!