Visordown raised a valid point in their article: Toad Talks: Motorcycle Theft Not On The Agenda, But Mobile Phone Theft Is where they discuss the plans to clamp down on scooter-enabled mobile phone theft and they wonder why the London Mayor and Met Police can’t apply the same approach towards the theft of motorbikes.  Last year, 90,000 mobile phones were stolen in London alone and as a result, the Mayor of London and the Police are putting pressure on mobile phone companies to request they make them less attractive to thieves.  Visordown then goes on to state that 9,000 motorcycles were stolen in London last year, and some of these were used in crimes linked to mobile phone theft.  If the authorities tackled motorbike theft then in turn the number of phones stolen would drop too.  Whilst we wait for something to happen, what can you do as a motorbike owner?


A Find It Stop It device allows you to take your motorbike’s security into your own hands. The GPS tracking function allows you to know where your bike is at all times.  The remote engine switch function allows you to turn the engine of your motorcycle on and off, providing the bike is travelling at less than 12mph.  If your bike is taken, you will be able to recover it quicker than the police.  Interested? Order yours today for just £59.95 and free UK postage.